Mistake No 1: Overuse of Keywords

enterprise seo mistakes

What To Do Instead?

Mistake No 2: Images Aren’t Optimized 

image alt text

What To Do Instead?

image alt text examples

Mistake No 3: Expecting Immediate Results 

What To Do Instead?

Mistake No 4: Sluggish Website Speed 

What To Do Instead?

  1. Install a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  2. Find a faster web host for your website 
  3. Properly optimize the website image sizes 
  4. Keep the number of plugins to a minimum 
  5. Speedup loading of JavaScript and CSS files or use WP Rocket 
  6. Enable website cashing 
  7. Minify codes (Javascript, CSS and HTML)
  8. Detect 404 Error pages & Reduce redirects 

Mistake No 5: Not Enough Backlinks

not enough backlinks

What To Do Instead

  • Answer HARO queries 
  • Pitch to write guest posts for well-established blogs 
  • Create link-worthy content such as infographics or statistics 

In a Nutshell: How To Avoid These 5 Enterprise SEO Mistakes

  1. Use relevant keywords only where they fit naturally 
  2. Write image alt-text that describes the photo 
  3. Don’t rush to see results overnight 
  4. Keep your website load time between 1-4 sec
  5. Earn high-quality backlinks 

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